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B&R News

Industrial PC memory gets a turbo boost

The Automation PC 3100 can now be optionally equipped with an M.2 memory module.


Sensitive toolholder

SCHUNK is entering a new era of toolholding: In September, delivery of the sensory hydraulic expansion toolholder iTENDO, the most sensitive toolholder on the market, will begin.

TE Connectivity News

TE Connectivity’s AMPMODU 2 mm wire-to-board crimp receptacles and shrouded headers free up space on printed circuit boards

TE Connectivity (TE), a world leader in connectivity and sensors, is freeing up valuable space on printed circuit boards (PCBs) for design engineers with its new compact AMPMODU wire-to-board receptacles with crimp contacts and shrouded headers. With centerline distances of 2 mm, they occupy 38 percent less space on a PCB than connectors with a 2.54 mm [0.100”] centerline.


AI Champions Baden-Württemberg: Festo wins

Festo's AI solution "Intelligent pneumatic runtime monitoring" was honoured at the "AI Champions Baden-Württemberg" awards ceremony of the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economics, Labour and Housing on 11 August.

Eberspacher News

Intelligent Battery Management Systems from Eberspaecher Vecture

To ensure that electrical applications operate safely and without failure many OEMs rely on reliable Battery Management Systems (BMS). Under the slogan “Electrify the world” Eberspaecher Vecture offers a broad range of BMS for industrial use-cases: The portfolio of over 500 designs includes BMS for medical, motive, UPS, storage and back-up applications in the form of basic small 1S Protectors all the way up to feature-rich basic and large format boards of up to 400 cells in series.


Automated Warehouse Guidance Made Simple

The logistics industry has evolved to employ automated shuttle and automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) to move products in three-dimensional planes within distribution centers and networks. In most cases, you need some form of linear guidance to support these moving systems. Many logistics companies invest hours and overhead costs into developing and sourcing linear guidance systems themselves or through a subsidiary.

Schmalz News


In order to separate them, printed-circuit boards are first scored and then any uneven or rough surfaces are milled. For this purpose, LHMT GmbH develops highly specialized tools that fully automate not only the actual scoring and milling process, but also the loading and unloading of the sensitive circuit boards. For safe, gentle handling of these parts, LHMT turned to J. Schmalz GmbH. Schmalz was able to implement a reliable gripper solution thanks, in part, to their new NBR ESD suction cups.

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