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B&R News

Smooth operator in rough conditions

B&R offers versatile operator panel for mobile machinery.

Balluff News

IO-Link – The Ideal Solution

Prospot save on costs and wiring using Balluff IO-Link.


GPS for the milky way

What is going on in the neighbourhood? We all want to know, whether we admit it or not. Applied to the whole of humanity and Earth, the question is: What is going on in the Milky Way? We know surprisingly little about this, because we literally have a hard time seeing the wood for the trees. But the MOONS project initiated by British astronomers aims to change this. Technology from FAULHABER will play an important role.

Schmalz News

Lockable spring plunger with high quality plain bearings and damping spring by Schmalz

With its new spring plunger FST-LOCK-HD, Schmalz has developed a solution for the gentle and rapid handling of curved and flexible 3D components. The spring plunger has an infinitely lockable stroke and is compatible with the holder system for tooling HT. This makes it possible to use the spring plunger in a wide variety of applications.