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Possibly the most valuable milliseconds in the plastics industry

Because power outages can be expensive and time-consuming, the Swiss company NETSTAL started looking for a solution for PET manufacturing that would be able to handle such outages in a cost-effective manner while affording protection from damage. Together with KEBA, such a solution was developed.

Rohde & Schwarz

Impact of next-generation satellite technologies next hot topic at Rohde & Schwarz Satellite Industry Days

After the successful parts 1 and 2 of the Rohde & Schwarz Satellite Industry Day series, part 3 will take place on December 13, 2022 at 15:00 CET. The virtual session includes a panel of industry experts focused on the impact of next-generation satellite technologies. Participants can meet in virtual reality with industry partners and leading experts at the event.


Targeting AI & Computer Vision, Innodisk Launches New Camera Module Series

Innodisk, a global leader in industrial-grade storage and embedded peripherals recently announced its shift towards the AI industry. As 50% of Innodisk's AI development is related to image recognition, the company has also launched a new camera module series to further support image recognition technology.

Stemmer imaging News

Software solutions for machine vision based on deep learning

MVTec is one of STEMMER IMAGING’s main partners in the development of artificial vision software solutions. On the occasion of the release of HALCON 22.11, the newest version of MVTec’s comprehensive standard software for machine vision, we spoke to Chady Elahmad, Regional Sales Manager NW Europe, about machine vision developments such as deep learning or big data and our strong partnership.


World first: SOS Cash & Value's security guards reinforce their mission’s safety and security by equipping themselves with Wearin’s high-tech vest with environmental and biometric sensors

“Following major strategic partnerships concluded early this year, the race was on to implement them on the ground. We’re pleased that it’s in Switzerland, the country where our solution was designed, that Wearin’ is applying its unique IoT and artificial intelligence technology at the service of the connected human.” – Jonathan Brossard, Conextivity Group CEO.


Colour sensor opens new opportunities in industrial monitoring

Omron Electronic Components Europe has announced the introduction of its B5WC Colour Sensor, which enables monitoring of equipment, plant, and industrial processes through detection of small colour changes. Specific applications are being developed through co-creation with industry partners.


CC-Link: Advancing network management with SNMP

Engineers can gain a unique insight into the health and performance of their networks and devices thanks to Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). Its use is key to advance industrial automation and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications, and it is now closer to becoming a reality, thanks to one future-oriented network technology.

Nabtesco News

Cycloidal gears for the digital age

What do mechanical products in the digital age deliver in terms of performance, and how can they keep up with the rapid pace of technological change? Nabtesco, the largest manufacturer of cycloidal gears worldwide, has found an answer and introduces the next level with hybrid concepts. Customers benefit from new markets, applications, and services.

Yokogawa News

Yokogawa to Release CENTUM VP R6.10 Integrated Production Control System to Enable the Control of Steam Turbine Control for Compressor Drive and the Integrated Control of Multiple Compressor Trains

Yokogawa Electric Corporation announces that on December 13, it will be releasing CENTUM VP R6.10, a new version of the flagship Yokogawa integrated production control system in the OpreX Control and Safety System lineup that enables the steam turbine control for compressor drive and the integrated control of multiple compressor trains.

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