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Delta Line News

Introducing the New Delta Line Servo motor controller: Leo B1400B90 Drive

Delta Line has introduced Leo B1400B90 Drive, a new high-performance closed-loop servo drive controller suitable for Servo and BLDC motors. It has been designed with efficiency in mind and incorporates optimized control algorithms to provide the perfect trade-off between efficiency and performance.


Moxa Joins Avnu Alliance as Promoter Member to Fuel the Future of Industrial Automation with Time-sensitive Networking

Moxa Inc., a leader in industrial communications and networking, announced today that it has joined Avnu Alliance, the industry forum driving deterministic capabilities into open, standards-based networking as a promoter member to advance time-sensitive networking (TSN) ecosystem interoperability. Moxa’s joining shows great promise, focusing on working on a truly unified and high-performance network infrastructure that permits all types of traffic to coexist for real-time communication, low latency, and high-reliability requirements in diverse applications.



The OPC UA standard provides the industrial sector with a powerful tool that can be the basis for realizing the Smart Factory, for the flexible production of small batch sizes, as well as for process optimization.

Cognex News


The innovative vision system leverages easy-to-use edge learning technology to automate complex visual inspections and code reading.

Visual components News

Introducing Visual Components 4.7 – Simplify the Complex

Visual Components 4.7 is designed to address the complexities of modern manufacturing systems, enhancing user experience, boosting productivity, and helping simplify the complex so that no matter the project, our users can achieve their goals with ease and confidence.

Rohde & Schwarz

Rohde & Schwarz takes lead in number of GCF-validated 5G RedCap conformance test cases

Rohde & Schwarz has successfully validated 5G RedCap (reduced capability) test cases for its R&S CMX500 one-box signaling tester and R&S TS8980 conformance test system for the recent Conformance Agreement Group (CAG) #74 meeting, allowing the Global Certification Forum (GCF) to activate the respective work items in their device certification program. Manufacturers of IoT chipsets, modems and end devices as well as test houses can now rely on tried-and-tested Rohde & Schwarz solutions for 387 5G RedCap test cases in all device production stages, from early R&D to type approval conformance testing.

IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH

A reliable eye on health

Automatic visual inspection of rigid endoscopes.

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