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Intelligent Automation launches complete EtherCAT solution

Intelligent Automation Ltd. has launched an easy-to-build, complete EtherCAT solution. Offering greater customisation than before, this EtherCAT solution allows the control of complex high-speed automation using high performance motion control technology.

Intelligent Automation launches complete EtherCAT solution
Family of EtherCAT drives: open loop stepper drive from RTA (red coloured unit), closed loop stepper drive from Fastech (yellow coloured unit) and brushless servo amplifiers from Sanyo Denki (two SanMotion units)

“Intelligent and innovative, this EtherCAT solution pushes all the right buttons,” says Ajay Karavadra, Managing Director of Intelligent Automation. “With motion controllers from Trio Motion, brushless drive systems from Sanyo Denki, closed loop steppers from Fastech, and open loop steppers from RTA, the EtherCAT system is a winner in a class by itself. This veritable combination of world-class products results in an efficient control system capable of driving a multi-axis machine and all its auxiliary equipment.”

Better motion control means faster cycle time and optimal machine performance. At the heart of Intelligent Automation’s EtherCAT solution is the motion controller for seamless control of up to 1 to 128 axes of servo motors, stepper motors, piezo motors or hydraulic systems. This flexible, modular controller uses Motion-iX common user interface and standard programming language. “Choose the high-performance MC664-X or MC6N motion coordinator with a 64-bit integer position for ultra-precision axis resolution,” says Karavadra. Remote servo and stepper drives can be run via the EtherCAT real-time automation bus.

With Quad Core Cortex A9 1GHz ARM processor, the controllers are ideal for high axis count machines or robotic applications. “Or opt for the competive EtherCAT Flex-6 Nano with Flexislice I/O for a robust, high-speed and flexible solution for motion control and general industrial automation.” Communication is possible through the feature-packed Trio HMI, third party HMI‘s and touchscreens, or EtherCAT / CANOpen protocol. Its efficiency is optimised by the Sanyo Denki / Trio brushless servo systems, Fastech closed loop stepper system or RTA open loop stepper systems.

Intelligent Automation is a UK-based distributor and stockist for motion control and industrial automation products from Sanyo Denki, Trio Motion, SPG Korea, Kinco Automation, Fastech Automation, RTA Italy, Leadshine, among others. The product range includes HMIs, motion controllers, brushless and brushed servo systems, brushless DC motor systems, 2/3/5 phase stepping systems, AC induction systems, and spur and planetary gearboxes. The company has been serving customers in the UK, Ireland and continental Europe across diverse industries since 2007. Recently, Intelligent Automation was appointed by UK manufacturer Trio Motion Technology as stockist of Trio’s motion controller and servo package, thus becoming the UK’s largest stockist of Trio’s DX4 servo drives and motors.

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