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The new cyber® kit line medium from WITTENSTEIN cyber motor rounds off a cohesive portfolio of frameless, torque-optimized servo motors in integration-friendly designs.

cyber® kit line medium: Frameless servo motors from WITTENSTEIN cyber motor in 100 mm or 112 mm sizes and with a small or large hollow shaft (Photo: WITTENSTEIN SE)

These new frameless motors are available in compact sizes with an outer diameter of 100 mm or 112 mm – as well as in three different lengths, namely 30 mm, 60 mm and 120 mm. A PT1000 and a PTC temperature sensor are integrated every time, to protect against thermal overload and enable constant monitoring of the drive temperature. The modular motor system also provides enormous design flexibility due to the choice between small or large hollow shafts as well as voltage classes for 60 VDC and 600 VDC / 750 VDC. Furthermore, the cyber® kit line medium is compatible not only with WITTENSTEIN cyber motor’s cyber® simco® drive 2 servo drive but also with other standard servo drives worldwide.

The modularly configurable frameless motors in the cyber® kit line medium series are optimally adaptable to specific tasks and operating conditions owing to the large number of possible variants. This opens up numerous innovative design options for highly dynamic drive solutions in OEM machines.

cyber® kit line medium bridges the performance gap in a range of applications
The motors, which can also be used as direct drives, are both frameless and bearingless. With their compact dimensions and reduced weight, they are just perfect for direct, space-saving integration into machines. Thanks to the hollow-shaft concept cable, compressed air, vacuum, fiber optic and laser feedthroughs for gripping elements or sensors, among others, can be elegantly implemented when only limited space is available. The frameless servo motors are no less impressive in use, setting benchmarks in terms of torque density and dynamics.

As far as performance is concerned, the cyber® kit line medium bridges the gap very neatly between the successful cyber® kit line small and cyber® kit line large series of frameless motors. Collaborative and industrial robotics, machine tools, packaging technology, actuators for assembly, transfer and handling systems, testing and measuring machines or tasks in semiconductor manufacturing are typical applications for these highly dynamic and robust servo motors.

Available in various lengths, these frameless motors are the ideal solution, e.g. for robotic applications, machine tools, packaging technology and actuators for assembly, transfer and handling systems. (Photo: WITTENSTEIN SE)

New encoder module for cyber® kit line small
WITTENSTEIN has simultaneously introduced a new encoder module for the cyber® kit line small that can be built in as an option for four different feedback signals.

It provides >16 bit system accuracy as well as repeatability of <± 0.1°and ships in two versions: either with BiSS-C and SSI interfaces or for incremental and Hall signals. In combination with the cyber® simco® drive 2 servo drive, the frameless motors in the smallest series with an integrated encoder module are the perfect system solution for 48 VDC applications.

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