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Conrad Help Businesses Modernise Their Machinery and Plant

Future-proof through automation: Solutions provided by Siemens, Schneider Electric, Wago and Werma are now available on the Conrad Sourcing Platform.

Conrad Help Businesses Modernise Their Machinery and Plant

Upgrading, repairing and expanding production facilities and machinery: Conrad’s Sourcing Platform supplies the required technology.

  • Machinery and plant modernisation as a response to more competition and cost pressure
  • Digital load management, IIoT, and everything else: efficient solutions by leading brands
  • The Conrad Sourcing Platform: a reliable partner for industries and the MRO sector

The world moves at breakneck speed: customer requirements are changing, the competition is heating up, and the pressure is on when it comes to cutting costs. Upgrading and expanding existing production facilities are highly efficient solutions to future-proof businesses. And there’s a whole range of benefits across the board: opting for partial upgrades saves you money, repairing machinery constitutes a viable alternative to buying new equipment. The Conrad Sourcing Platform lists more than 450 000 products by leading manufacturers and well-known brands, supplying everything businesses need for state-of-the-art machinery and plant expansion. If you are looking into upgrading, expanding or maintaining your production facilities and want to know more about automation technology supplied by Conrad, click here.

Siemens: Connecting Plant and Machinery via Industrial Edge, the Cloud and the IIoT
The SIMATIC IOT2050 IoT gateway is a simple and affordable solution to connect new and existing machinery to the internet. The pre-installed SIMATIC Industrial OS advanced version speeds up commissioning. Typical scenarios that feature the SIMATIC IOT2050 are preventive maintenance and linking production processes to an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, to reduce the risk of costly plant downtime.

Schneider Electric: The A to Z of Digital Load Management
TeSys Island has been designed to connect electric motors and other types of electrical loads with current ratings of up to 80 A to switchboards, and to protect and to manage them. Digital load management (DLM) makes equipment smarter, reduces downtime, prevents malfunctioning and uses high-speed troubleshooting to boost productivity levels. Other stand-out features include fast and easy installation, commissioning and configuration. Integration into existing system architecture is not determined by the switchboard type and manufacturer.

Wago: Rolling out IoT Applications Made Easy
The brand-new Compact Controller 100 comes with a RTLinux® operating system that enables a wide range of uses: the device is CODESYS-V3-programmable, however, does also support non-IEC61131-based engineering centred around Node-RED, Python and C++. What’s more, the product is compatible with the Docker® visualiser which can be installed at a later time. This turns the Compact Controller 100 into a fully-fledged IIoT device that also serves as a gateway.

Werma: Taking Signal Devices to the Next Level
Werma’s widely compatible eSIGN signal tower comes in a design that blends functionality, durability and stylishness. The modular electrical set-up allows defining a wide range of different signals using different colours, brightness levels and lighted pictures, starting with the traffic light classic all the way to customer-defined settings. Moreover, eSIGN towers enable both graduated displays, such as in fluid level indicators, and lighting up entire panels for signalling purposes.

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